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what is permanent jewelry?


You choose from a selection of our minimal 14k gold filled or sterling silver chain that we custom measure to fit you and your body. Then, we spot weld the chain on with no clasp. Giving the idea that the jewelry is 'permanently' on and cannot be taken off without the clasp.


We only use the highest quality, tarnish-resistant material that allows

for your jewelry to be worn 'permanently'.

Permanent jewelry is safe to go through TSA with.

But if you need to remove it, simply cut the chain at the jump ring that holds the chain together and keep it. 

Please note: As with all jewelry, our chains are not indestructible.

There is always a possibility that your chain can come apart. 

View some of our available chains in the gallery.  

Please note that inventory can change and every style shown is not guaranteed.  

But we will always have many chains, charms and connectors for you to choose from.


Sterling Silver: $10/inch
14k Gold Filled: $15/inch
Rose Gold Filled: $15

Solid gold coming soon
Charm + Connectors

Sterling Silver: $10+
 Gold Filled: $10+


What is gold filled?

Gold filled metal is a solid layer of real gold that is mechanically bonded to a base metal, usually jeweler's brass. Gold filled metal has almost 100x more gold than gold plated jewelry so unlike plated jewelry, it will not rub off or tarnish easily so it is perfect for every day wear. Gold filled jewelry is an affordable option and the next best thing to solid gold.

Sterling silver

Sterling silver is real silver–there’s nothing fake about it. It’s simply a mixture of real silver and just enough other metals to make it strong but not too difficult to mold. Just like 14k or 18k gold jewelry, silver must be made into an an alloy to be wearable.

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